From the Giant to the Tiny: Explorations Across Scales

In high school, I was an amateur astronomer operating telescopes to observe the giant universe that we are curious about. Now I am a young materials scientist operating electron microscopes to reveal the tiny world we are eager to know.

Exploring the nanoscale is not only for fulfilling our curiosity, but it provides an amazing treasure to the advancement of technology and gradually promotes the way people live. It is interesting, and it is useful. I am only on a humble expedition towards a gorgeous grace to humankind. Hopefully, we are reaching this grace in a way only with kindness.

Interested Fields of Study

      Physics, applied, chemical, condensed matter, materials science
      Chemistry, analytical, materials, nanotechnology, physical, surface
      Astronomy, instruments, observational, optical
      Physics, acoustics, astrophysics
      Mathematics, applied, network science
      Coding using .net (VB/C#), Matlab, and C